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Monday, March 2, 2015


Have you creative mind? Do you want to use it? Have you much patience? So ARCHITECTURE is a perfect line to prove your creativity. Doubt?
 OK I explain:
Architecture is a line where you do what you want? I mean everything you can explain by your design by your art?

architect 3d image

From architecture you can do everything i mean u can be banker an engineer designer artist everything you want. You cant realize how much freedom you get your professional life, its not like others professional life, you need break, you want to visit anywhere, you waste time with your family, everything is possible. you dont need to do office till 8am to 6pm or more, you spend a happy life
scales and draings

But something also without hard working u dont get everything
u must work hard 5 years of your educational life u need to get higher degree from GERMANY, USA, CANADA, ENGLAND.
master architect images

you must perfect in autocad, 3d, everything
you need to connect with everyone
then i think you must be a MASTER ARCHITECT.....................................